Mollie's Story

Mollie King

Mollie KingMy cause is veterans. Both my father and my husband retired from the U.S Air Force, so veterans are very near to my heart. My father served in World War II, as well as during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. My husband served during Operation Desert Storm. By donating through the CFC, I can help disabled veterans obtain medical and social services, and I can help homeless veterans get a hot meal and a place to sleep. It's the least I can do to recognize the sacrifices these men and women have made to keep our great nation secure. The best thing about the CFC is that it lets me break up my donations over the year, so I can give more than I likely would if I had to write a check or make an annual donation. It makes tax time easier, too - because my charitable donations are already tallied up in my last pay statement of the year!

Mollie King, Broadcasting Board of Governors